While Indian Bollywood music is recognized and admired around the globe so is now the Bollywood or fusion music which has been standing as a separate entity and genera of dance when it comes to learning. It is perhaps one of the most admired forms of dance that is loved by the younger generation. The music which is associate with it is mostly filmy. This dance category is widely admired due to the diverse music it caters to. It has various levels and intensity with amazing emotional appeals involved that the performer experience and the performer can relate to it. Due to its diverse expressions, there is always space for the performer to connect to the music and create steps out of it that deliver the entire mood and vibe.Bollywood Dance
This style of music is widely influenced by Indian culture and traditions. A bundle of energy is required to perform this dance category and music provides you the epic thrill you need for it. It is a great teamwork exercise as it involves team members that come together to perform. Now, Bollywood and fusion dance is recognized around the globe and international music has a hint of it into them. Do get yourself registered to get inspired by the fusion of India folk, kathak, and much more

Our doors are open for you to come and embrace the whole new mood and vibe to your life. Don’t miss the chanced and register yourself to the artsiest and fun way of wiping away your stress and fears. We believe in every individual we are associated with and with the help of our amazing choreographers on board you will learn the art of using your body to express joy and positivity with all your heart. Acknowledge and groove something powerful, contemporary, and connected to your roots. Also, it has a wide scope and is lived across the globe.

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