We are talking about unarguably one of the most valuable members of Bharatanatyam. It is a phenomenal art that is commonly called cymbals. The Nattuvangam is very important in the knowledge of dance, vocals, and takes. The melodious sound produced by tapping the cymbals at various angles creates a sound that adds a lot more to the entire performing art. The sound when produced when the feet touch the ground drives the performer or the learner to drench one’s self into the dire divine art.
Know about Nattuvangam, Dance School In Kharghar, Online Dance Academy
Nattuvangam is all about creating a calculated and harmonious rhythm to the beat. One who is performing should know the rhythm, literature, and dance. The particular performing art does not need the singer as it is itself so melodious and synchronizer. We, at the Vedakala Academy, teach you the perfect harmony and esthetics you need to perform Nattuvangam. The dance with esthetic effects is an art and we proudly say that we have the perfect teachers and directors where you can learn this prestigious skill.

We don’t believe in just teaching you any art but also to teach and make you understand the entire philosophical responding behind the art. We make you believe in the magical framework that you have opted to learn. We make you know the gurus and the ancestors who have devoted their lives to a glorious art. It. In the utmost respect of the Gurus who have created the art from scratch to these esthetics, we make sure to keep the legacy alive till the world is alive.

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