Dr Priyanka Iyer

Mrs Priyanka Iyer has been learning and practising the classical dance form of Bharatnatyam for the past 20 years. Alongwith classical dancing, she picked up folk dancing from her mother and started attempting Bollywood dancing at an early age. She has performed as well as choreographed various Bollywood dances for groups over the past 10 yearsfor her college functions, at Sangeet events, festivities and so on. She loves the creative space Bollywood dancing allows because it doesn't come with a fixed set of rules. Classical gives the discipline while Bollywood/Fusion gives the freedom. Knowing and balancing both helps keep the human soul alive. That is what she feels. Adding contemporary, folk or classical elements opens up newer horizons to the form. As much as she loves Bollywood Dancing, she equally enjoys fusion.

Courses Offered:

Bollywood Dance (1 new dance per month)
Fusion Dance (for already trained classical Bharatnatyam dancers. The experiment is to be able to perform classical to all types of music. We encourage choreography by students as well).

Classes will be held online via meeting platforms. You can coordinate with your instructor on group coaching or if you prefer 1-to-1 learning, timings convenient for both parties as well as the fees.
Contact number: +91 9008416719

Priyanka Iyer
Priyanka Iyer
Priyanka Iyer
Priyanka Iyer

Benefits of Bollywood dancing

Bollywood dance is specifically nothing and generally everything. It has elements of Freestyle, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Bhangra, Giddha, Garbha and more. It has developed over the years in accordance with the era, the music and the personalities. Because of strong personalities (eg Helen), the cabaret was introduced into the Bollywood mainstream dance. The freestyle developed much later (in the 90s) and stands strong in the dances of today's film industry.
• Boosts coordination and rhythm
• Exciting form of exercise
• Tones the body
• Lubricates the joints
• Relieves stress
• Aerobic Exercise
• Oxygen supply
• Full body workout