Welcome to Vedakala Academy

"We are human beings and not machines. The goal is to be more human and not an economic machine."

The current system of education broadly follows the STEM protocol (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and has been established as the need of the hour. What is largely missing in our country is the Arts or Humanities component to this system. The newer system which is now identified and is gaining importance is the STEAM protocol (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The rationale is that Arts develops creative and innovative thinking which is responsible for binding all the hard sciences together.

We need to be more indulgent in the Arts for living better lives as humans. Research states that Art involvement leads to better decision making, good time management, efficiency at work and much more.

Here at Vedakala Academy of Performing Arts, we want to develop the "A" in as many ways as we can - indulging in as many Art forms as possible - both online and offline. Let's use technology to make ourselves human again.

Before we rush to pressure and push our children into STEM courses, let us take a step back and think more carefully about the inclination of young people. Let us encourage liberal education that values them as young people and not machines – with hearts as well as minds, dreams as well as ambitions.

Our Verticals


Commonly called as the cymbals, the nattuvagam is very important in the knowledge of talas for dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists. The sounds produced by tapping the cymbals at different angles represent the different sounds made by the dancer's feet when they make contact with the ground.


Yoga helps in physical, mental and social well-being which originated in ancient India just like classical dancing. It is for everyone (men, women, children and elderly) who want to improve their health and especially important for those pursuing classical dancing. The flexibility which yoga offers along with spirituality helps in improving the overall quality of dance.


Reiki is an alternative medical science also called energy healing. It is said that Reiki is the fundamental energy that creates and sustains the universe. The system of Reiki uses cosmic energy to promote healing in the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. For dancers, it not only helps in healing but also in developing a spiritual connection.


Theatre education develops a number of skills that help students in holistic development. Playing various characters and roles allows them to explore their internal and external world. It improves verbal and non-verbal communication of ideas, listening and observation skills. When dramatics is additionally pursued by dancers, it opens greater avenues for them in the fields of films.

Folk Dance

Folk dances have evolved over time immemorial in a particular part of the country and passed on from one generation to the next to retain its current shape today. The traditional attire worn while performing these forms of dances reflect the culture of the place. Folk dances deepens our understanding of our rich culture. Usually, classical dancers with experience develop a flair towards folk dancing as well.


The Bollywood dance is one of the most popular forms of dance all over the world today. It is gaining widespread acclamation for its uniqueness as well as its ability to capture attention. Originating from classical and folk dances, influences from disco, cabaret, freestyle and the West make it what it is today. For a classical dancer, learning Bollywood dance is relatively easy and presents a wide opportunity in films and choreography.