Guru (Mrs) Shobhana Subramanian at Vedakala Academy of Performing Arts

Guru (Mrs) Shobhana Subramanian has learnt Nattuvangam/Cymbals under the tutelage of Guru (Mrs) Jyoti Iyer who is an alumni of Nalanda Nrityakala Mahavidyalaya, affiliated to Mumbai University. Guru Shobhana aims at maintaining this age old tradition and culture. Her mission is to lead life smoothly and happily and gradually progress towards spirituality.

Course contents:

Nattuvangam course comprises of three levels:

Level 1: Beginners who want to learn and understand Nattuvangam.
Level 2: Dancers who want to enhance their skill in Nattuvangam.
Level 3: Teachers who want to study the art of Nattuvangam in depth.

The entire course duration: 6 months to one year. Online course material will be provided as well as a 1-to-1 online interaction with the instructor.

Nattuvangam is the process of playing Nattuvanga Talam. Nattuvanga Talam is the name of the instrument/tool. The person playing Nattuvanga Talam is Nattavunar. He/she should be well-versed in Tala Gyaana and Sangeeta Gyaana. He/she is the coordinator between the singer, instrumentalists and the dancer. The Nattavunar should be able to picture the entire Talam system in the chart form. Nattuvangam is considered as the art of conducting a program. In the past, this has come via the Guru-Shishya parampara. To keep up with the pace of change in society and lifestyle as well as to maintain the age old tradition, we have introduced this as an online course.

Nattuvangam, Best Dance School in Kharghar, India
Benefits of Nattuvangam:

• It is essential for dancers to practice Nattuvangam to improvise upon their existing knowledge of Talam and Ragam. It enhances the overall personality of a dancer as this training enables her to coordinate between her foot, hand and mind. It benefits students to compose Jatis (a key element in every Bharatnatyam dance) and gives a complete study of dance.
• To play the Nattuvangam, it is mandatory to have the knowledge of Adavus in dance